Develop the technical expertise and skills required to improve recovery and lower costs

The global recoverable resource potential of unconventional plays is approaching 1 trillion BOE. However, commercialization of this immense potential has many challenges. Hydrocarbon columns are large,  up to 10,000 feet. Development of these large producing intervals requires multiple horizontal wells that must be properly spaced vertically and horizontally to maximize recovery and lower cost. Pilot projects are undertaken to optimize development parameters, including:

  • locations to land horizontal wells
  • optimized completion programs
  • flow assurance
  • Improved oil recovery (IOR)  and enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • reserves and economics

From exploration through production, our online multi-discipline training, developed through RPS’ Nautilus Training Alliance, focuses on lowering cost and improving recovery.

Upcoming Training Courses

We've selected a few of our most popular courses. View the complete list of upcoming distance learning courses.

Evaluation Methods for Shale Reservoirs

November 1 - 12 | Distance Learning

Instructors: Jeff May, Andy Pepper, John Randolph, Neal Nagel and Rick Lewis

This course presents current views on the evaluation methods of shale reservoirs required to assess new plays, identify sweet spots, and select optimal landing zones.

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Next Generation Earth Modeling; Integrating Geostatistics, Geoscience, Engineering, and Data Science

October 13 - 29 | Distance Learning

Instructor: Jeffrey Yarus

This course pulls together geoscience, engineering, and data science to build synergistic teams, optimize drilling programs, reduce uncertainty, and drive down cost per barrel of oil equivalent.

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cracked shale slabs
Geomechanics for Unconventional and Tight Reservoirs

October 25 - November 4 | Distance Learning

Instructor: Neal Nagel, Marisela Nagel

This course presents the basics of oil-field geomechanics and focuses on geomechanical characterization and modeling of unconventional reservoirs with the goal of optimizing multistage hydraulic fracturing operations in horizontal wells.

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The Petroleum System in Unconventional Exploration & Production: Geology, Geochemistry and Basin Modeling
The Petroleum System in Unconventional Exploration & Production: Geology, Geochemistry and Basin Modeling

May 17 - 20 | Distance Learning

Instructor: Andy Pepper

This course will use regional geology, geochemistry and petroleum systems modeling in evaluating unconventional/resource play reservoirs to identify, map and evaluate new plays, identify storage and production sweet spots, and optimize landing zones.

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Hydraulic Fracturing for Conventional, Tight and Shale Reservoirs
Hydraulic Fracturing for Conventional, Tight and Shale Reservoirs

August 2 - 12 | Distance Learning

Instructor: Mike Smith, Carl Montgomery

This course addresses the multi-disciplinary technical and economic variables involved in the design and implementation of hydraulic fracturing.

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Drilling Rig
Optimizing Development of Unconventional Reservoirs: Well Spacing, Stacking and Sequencing of Wells

December 7 - 9

Instructor: Robert Hull, Ray Flumerfelt

Location: Houston, TX

This course teaches participants to optimize spacing, stacking and sequencing for wells in multi-well pads in unconventional and tight resource plays, which will enhance value and reduce costs even when considering external constraints

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