Although the North Sea is a mature basin, the amount of available infrastructure provides an opportunity for high-value projects still to be delivered. Our ability to find hydrocarbons is as good as it ever was, but we are finding less commercial-sized discoveries.  North Sea operators need to continue to add value by delivering on exploration promises volumetrically, lowering appraisal and development costs and maximising recovery. 

Upcoming Training Courses

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Sandstone Diagenesis and
Reservoir Quality


D523a21VC | Distance Learning

September 13 - 17

Instructor: Richard Worden


A better understanding of reservoir quality and diagenesis will lead to improved
exploration risking of reservoir quality and provide a basis for building reservoir models and choosing well locations during appraisal and development. This knowledge will allow participants to add value to subsurface projects across the E&P life-cycle.

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North Sea Multiphase Rift
Evolution: Outcrop to Subsurface Perspectives on Stratigraphy, Sedimentology & Petroleum Systems

N550a21JO | Field: East Coast, UK
September 20 - 24
Instructor: David Macdonald, John Howell

This course offers a field-based experience for energy professionals involved in any part of the E&P life-cycle. We will bring North Sea Plays to life through the integration of outcrop with seismic, well, and core data. Although the course focuses on the North Sea, many of the tectono-stratigraphic concepts are relevant to rift basins around the globe.

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Shallow Marine Reservoir
Analogues and their Application to the Jurassic of the North Sea

N499a21JO | Field: Isle of Skye & Raasay
September 27 - October 1
Instructor: Ronald Steel

This field course will examine the Jurassic shallow marine reservoirs of the Hebridean Basins. Discussions will highlight the linkage between active tectonics and depositional processes and emphasise the importance of a sequence stratigraphic perspective in order to correlate. Outcrop information is integrated with well data to demonstrate the subsurface workflows required to populate interwell areas of reservoir models. 

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D412 final
A Critical Guide to Reservoir Appraisal and Development

D412a21VC | Distance Learning
November 1 - 12
Instructor: Stephanie Kape, Pete Smith

This course will address the decision-based technical workflow that is a pre-requisite to appraisal and development investments. Participants will learn the background theory behind all aspects of
reservoirs, from the micro- to seismic-scale, integrating the static and dynamic domains and how to model them. The course uses an integrated subsurface approach with reference to a robust business and commercial framework.

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Development Planning for mature fields

D444a21VC | Distance Learning
November 15 - 19
Instructor: Mark Cook, Mark Bentley

This multidisciplinary course is designed to give participants an appreciation of the evaluation and planning activities associated with incremental development planning. This course takes groups through a wide range of associated issues, fills any knowledge gaps in the essential technical fundamentals required for mature field development planning and uses a case-based exercise which will run through the whole course.

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D401 final no banner
Multi-Disciplinary Skills for Field Development Planning and Approval

D401a21VC | Distance Learning
December 6 - 16
Instructor: Pete Smith

This course considers the technical and commercial influences on Field Development Planning within the global oil and gas industry. It considers the need for understanding field developments by
resource size, facility choice, development risk, cost and value. This course is tailored to those wishing to deepen their understanding of the multi-discipline skills required for Field Development Planning.

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