To accurately estimate reserves and forecast production, it is critical that your technical teams understand their geological and engineering data, and the uncertainty in that data. Economic decisions are made based on these forecasts. If a team fails to understand the reservoir properly, they provide inaccurate reserve estimates and poor development strategies to decision-makers.

Our reservoir development training courses help individuals and technical teams better understand the reservoir and manage their asset’s lifecycle.

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D401 abstract rig and worker
New course
Multi-disciplinary skills for field development planning and approval

D401a21VC | Distance Learning
Dec. 6 - 16, 2021
Instructor: Pete Smith

This course considers the need for understanding of technical and commercial influences on field development planning by resource size, facility choice, development risk, cost and value.

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D427_1 geological cliffs and water
Reservoir model design

Distance Learning
June 28 - July 2, 2021
Instructor: Mark Bentley

This course offers a software-independent view on reservoir model design and simulation model-building, tackles underlying reasons why some models disappoint, and offers solutions that support construction of fit-for-purpose models.

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N310 Provence, France geology
Carbonate reservoir characterisation and modelling

Field: Provence, France
Sept. 6 - 10, 2021
Instructors: Mark Bentley & Ed Stephens

This course makes the link between reservoir characterisation and how fluids flow in carbonate reservoirs, unravels some reasons why forecasts are often incorrect, and offers guidance on how to improve those forecasts.


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D342_1 geographic model
Compartmentalization and connectivity in sandstone reservoirs

Distance Learning
Sept. 20 - Oct. 1, 2021
Instructor: John Snedden

The reservoir connectivity workflow taught in this course focuses on identification of new or underdepleted compartments, deeper oil/water contacts, oil columns in gas-dominated closures, and cross-fault flow or channel-to-channel reservoir flow, increasing overall recovery.

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N033 Tabernas, Spain landscape
Characterisation, modelling, simulation & development planning in deepwater clastic reservoirs

Field: Tabernas, Spain
Oct. 11 - 15, 2021
Instructors: Mark Bentley & Ed Stephens

This course explores the reservoir modelling and petroleum engineering aspects of deepwater clastic reservoirs, discussing the linkage from depositional processes to geological architecture and flow heterogeneity in development planning.

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D412 geographic model
a critical guide to reservoir appraisal and development

Distance Learning
Nov. 1 - 12, 2021
Instructors: Stephanie Kape & Pete Smith

This course will empower participants to collaborate between disciplines and add value in the development of upstream assets, by using a decision-based technical workflow that is a pre-requisite to appraisal and development investments.

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D444 oil rig in ocean
Development planning for mature fields

Distance Learning
Nov. 15 - 19, 2021
Instructor: Mark Cook & Mark Bentley

This multidisciplinary course uses a case-based exercise to equip participants with the knowledge and decision-making skills to evaluate and plan activities associated with incremental development planning for mature fields.

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